Friday, December 21, 2012

A Geek Christmas Quiz

God rest ye merry gentlemen! Welcome to my 2012 Geek Christmas Quiz. Every Friday morning at 15below we have a ‘DevEd’ session. Usually this is a presentation about some interesting tech, or a new way we want to do something at the company, but today I thought I would try to gauge the true geekiness of our development team with a quiz. The winners, and therefore crowned top geeks, were Toby and Linda who got a total of 32 points. See if you can do better dear reader.

You get one point for each correct answer. The quiz is split into six sections:  Computers, ‘Name That Geek’, Science, Space, ‘Name That Spaceship’, and Geek Culture.

Update: The answers are here.


  1. What does G.N.U. stand for?
  2. What did the A in ARM originally stand for?
  3. What does TCP stand for?
  4. Who founded Microsoft with Bill Gates?
  5. What is F2 (hexadecimal) in decimal?
  6. Which operating system's development was based on the 'Balmer Peak'?
  7. Who was the first programmer?
  8. What year does UNIX time start?
  9. What did SGI stand for?
  10. Write down the type signature of the Monadic Bind method.

Name that Geek



  1. What are the four letters of DNA?
  2. What does the 'c' in E = mc2 stand for?
  3. What is the next number in this sequence: 1 1 2 3 5 8 _ ?
  4. What is C8 H10 N4 02 ?
  5. When did Australopithecus become extinct? (in millions of years ago)
  6. Which of the following would you not expect to find in an atomic nucleus (electron, neutron, proton)
  7. What is the most common gas in the Earth's atmosphere?
  8. Write the formula for Ohm's law.
  9. If, after you fold a piece of paper in half, the ratio between its longest side and its shortest side is the same, what is that ratio?
  10. What living land mammal is the closest evolutionary relative to Whales? (cetaceans)


  1. What rocket engine powered the 2nd stage of the Saturn V?
  2. What is Saturn's largest moon?
  3. What fraction of the Earth's gravity would you experience on the moon?
  4. Astronauts are weightless in space because there is no gravity. true or false?
  5. What is the orbital period of a geosynchronous satellite?
  6. What is the furthest planet from the sun? (now that Pluto has been demoted)
  7. How many people are currently living aboard the ISS?
  8. To the nearest thousand, how many satellites are currently orbiting the earth?
  9. What was the name of the only satellite launched by the UK?
  10. Who was the second man on the moon?

Name that spaceship


Geek Culture

  1. Who was Spooky Mulder?
  2. Was Kiki a trainee witch or an evil princes?
  3. "Humans are a _____" (Agent Smith)
  4. Who is Peter Parker?
  5. "It's a b... It's a b... It's a small, off-duty Czechoslovakian traffic warden!" What is it really?
  6. What does 'Otaku' (Japanese) mean?
  7. What does R2D2 stand for?
  8. What is Clarke's 3rd law?
  9. What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  10. Open ___ ___ ___ ____ please H.A.L


Keith Bloom said...

Great quiz Mike. With trivia knolwedge like that you should enter the geekest link

One more question, where are the answers?

Mike Hadlow said...

Ah, the answers... I'll have to do a follow up answers post.

Victor Kornov said...

#7 is everyone's favourite geek ever, no doubt.