Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Geek Christmas Quiz 2013: The Answers!

Here are the answers to this year’s Geek Christmas Quiz.

What does this acronym stand for? (one point per correct answer)
    1. AWS – Amazon Web Services
    2. SQL – Structured Query Language
    3. NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    4. GNU – GNU is Not Unix
    5. SCSI – Small Computer Serial Interface
    6. HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language
    7. HTTP – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
    8. ReST – Representational State Transfer
    9. NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration
    10. RAF – Royal Air Force

Name that computer (one point for the model, another for the company/inventor)

NeXT Cube / NeXT Apple II / Apple Difference Engine / Babbage
IBM PC / IBM Macintosh / Apple ZX Spectrum / Sinclair
System 360 / IBM Colossus / Tommy Flowers PlayStation / Sony

Name that programming language (one point for each correct answer)

  1. BASIC
  2. C#
  3. C
  4. F#
  5. Python
  6. T-SQL
  7. Bash
  8. Lisp/Scheme/Clojure
  9. Haskell

Science fiction (one point for each correct answer)

    1. "These are not the droids you are looking for" (what film?) – Start Wars IV
    2. "Open the pod bay doors please HAL" (what film, or book?) – 2001 A Space Odyssey
    3. Who wrote Rendezvous with Rama? – Arthur C Clarke
    4. What spaceship uses dilithium crystals – USS Enterprise
    5. what does the acronym CREW in Iain Bank's culture novels mean when referring to weapons - Coherent Radiation Emission Weapon
    6. Name 3 futurama characters -
    7. Who wrote the 3 laws of robotics? – Isaac Asimov
    8. What is the first law of robotics? – “A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm”
    9. Who is the leader of the Daleks? - Davros
    10. Directive? (which film?) – Wall-E

Science (one point for each correct answer)

    1. 1 degree fahrenheit is a different size to 1 degree centigrade which means they must cross at some point. At what temperature are both scales the same? - -40.
    2. When and where was the first cell in your body created? - The egg that created you was formed inside of your mother’s fetus while she was inside of your grandmother’s womb.
    3. What is the device which blends air and fuel in an internal combustion engine called? – Carburettor.
    4. What was the name of the first hydrogen (thermonuclear) bomb test? – Mike.
    5. What is special about Sirius, the Dog Star? – It is the brightest star in the night sky.
    6. What year did the last man land on the moon? – 1972 (Apollo 17)
    7. Who invented the jet engine? – Frank Whittle.
    8. In trigonometry what is calculated by dividing the adjacent by the hypotenuse? - Cosine
    9. Which part of the Earth lies between the outer core and the crust? – The mantle.
    10. Where in the body are alveoli to be found? – The lungs.

Name that cartoon character (one point for each correct answer)

Lisa (Simpsons) Iron Man Fone Bone
Denis the Menace Tom & Jerry Kiki (Kiki’s Delivery Service)
Pointy Haired Boss Professor Calculus Dan Dare

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Dave Conrad said...

If you're going to accept Lisp/Scheme/Clojure (and I agree) then you should also accept both F# and Ocaml for the F# one. Also, Professeur Tryphon Tournesol is an acceptable alternative for Professor Cuthbert Calculus. :)