Tuesday, October 22, 2013

AsmSpy Coloured Output

AsmSpy is a little tool I put together a while back to view assembly reference conflicts. Even though it took just an hour or so to knock together, it’s proved to be one of my more successful open source offerings. Since I initially put it up on GitHub there have been a trickle of nice pull requests. Just today I got an excellent coloured output submission from Mahmoud Samy Abuzied which makes it much easier to see the version conflicts.

Here’s the output from EasyNetQ showing that it’s awkwardly using two different versions of the .NET runtime libraries.


I’ve also uploaded a build of AsmSpy.exe to Amazon S3 so you now don’t have to clone the repository and build it yourself. Grab it from http://static.mikehadlow.com/AsmSpy.zip

Happy conflicting!


TomPester said...

Why is easynetq referencing version 2 and 4 of mscorlib at the same time? That puzzling

Mike Hadlow said...

Yes, it is. I guess something to do with the RabbitMQ.Client library being a .NET 2.0 lib? Probably worth some investigation though.

Nick said...

Our app has the same things. What's it really mean? I noticed it showed StructureMap references 2.0, it has a dll runtime version of 2.0. Is your app seeing that?

Also how do you fix reference conflicts?