Thursday, October 08, 2009

Suteki Shop: Big in China


To my surprise, China is the biggest source of visits to the Suteki Shop project site. Slightly beating the US and with twice the traffic of the UK. It all seems to be down to a Chinese blogger called Daizhj who has a hugely detailed 10 post series which looks at pretty much every aspect of the project: MVC sample project "Suteki.Shop" analysis --- Installation chapter MVC sample project "Suteki.Shop" Analysis --- Controller MVC sample project "Suteki.Shop" Analysis --- Filter MVC sample project "Suteki.Shop" analysis --- Data validation MVC sample project "Suteki.Shop" Analysis --- ModelBinder MVC sample project "Suteki.Shop" Analysis --- ViewData MVC sample project "Suteki.Shop" analysis --- Model and Service MVC sample project "Suteki.Shop" Analysis --- IOC (Inversion of Control) MVC sample project "Suteki.Shop" analysis --- NVelocity template engine MVC sample project "Suteki.Shop" Analysis --- NHibernate

It’s amazing to find someone giving my little project such love. It makes me feel all warm inside :) It’s not all flattery though; For example, I love his comment in the Installation chapter when talking about this blog: “Unfortunately, the content is pitiful.” :D Harsh, but I can take it.

If you read this Daizhj, drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you.

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stic said...

well, isn't it a part of bigger trend?
China is piking up as IT services provider.
I you will look at Google Insights of Search for ie 'C#' and go down from 2004 to more recent trends, you will see that they are getting darker and darker. :-)

Next big thing after outsourcing to India / East Europe?