Saturday, September 20, 2008

Photosynth Fun

I was inspired by the Photosynth session at REMIX. It's a fascinating technology, not so much for what it currently delivers, which is very cool, but it's future promise. I had a very interesting discussion with a chap after the session, who's name I didn't get. He was saying that Photosynth is obviously only a stepping stone on the way to 3D model generation from photos. The practical applications for such a technology are far reaching. Just think of the implication for robots that are able to create a hi-fidelity model of their surroundings. Or for game designers who will be able to reproduce real environments several orders of magnitude faster than they can today. My favorite sci-fi scenario is the possibility of combining the 3D models with 3D printers to quickly and easily reproduce any artifact.

In the meantime, back on Earth, I've had a play with Photosynth myself. Here's my first attempt, a 'synth' of my Dining room.


You can see my current stack of computer books, my old Dell (but with spanking new Das Keyboard), some awful paintings I did at school, my old LPs, the piano (a nineteenth century Bluthner) and my Eastman John Pisano guitar.


Anonymous said...

Is that GRADO SR60/80 headphone on your table :) ?

Mike Hadlow said...

@hrvoje yes, spot on. SR80 I think. They make a beautiful sound.