Friday, April 11, 2008

MVC Storefront

Rob Conery, the genius behind Subsonic, and now assimilated by the Borg, has just started a series of posts describing the process of building an eCommerce application using the MVC Framework. What's really cool about it is that he's soliciting input from some well known figures in the community as he evolves the project, so in the first screencast of the series he talked to Ayende and Steve Harman about some initial architectural choices including the repository pattern.

So far there are three episodes:

ASP.NET MVC: Introducing The MVC Storefront Series

ASP.NET MVC: MVC Storefront, Part 2

ASP.NET MVC: MVC Storefront, Part 3

And the source is available on Codeplex here.

The brilliant thing is, I'm currently working on an MVC eCommerce application as well. It's called sutekishop. It has a real first customer who's actually paying for it, but it's also open source. I've set up a Google code project here:

I'm going to be keeping a very close eye on Rob's progress and incorporating as many of his ideas as possible into my project. So far it's very early days and I've only got a repository and the IoC container set up, but I'll be posting on my progress, so watch this space.

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Admin said...


Do you have original source code of the MVC StoreFront (i know it is old code, but for education purpose i think it worth to try ;))?
It is look like the code in codeplex different from the one on the video series.

If you still have it, could you upload it in file hosting site, like mediafire may be?