Thursday, October 04, 2007

My Developer Developer Developer Day session

I've just offered to present a session on Inversion of Control containers at the Developer Developer Developer Day at the Microsoft campus on the 24th November. It's titled 'Why do I need an Inversion of Control Container?' and I intend to present an expanded version of my recent post about the Castle Project's Windsor Container. I think there's enough material to easily fill an hour, especially if I do a hands-on coding session.

Although I'm an ex English teacher, spending two years on the JET program, and I've done plenty of presentations and workshops for my clients, this will be the first time I've presented at a developer event like this. It should be a lot of fun, I just hope my session gets enough votes to be put forward. So if you're reading this and thinking, "I'd really like to see Mike humiliate himself in front of a technical audience', don't fail to vote for me when registration opens for DDD :)

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