Friday, May 29, 2009

Mike Ormond interviews me about the MVC Framework

This week Mike Ormond made the trip down to Brighton to join me for lunch and talk about ASP.NET MVC. He’s put together a couple of videos based on our chat. The backdrop is Brighton’s most famous landmark, The Pavillion.



eric said...

Thanks for the sample application! It looks like one of the better and full-featured ASP.NET MVC sample applications out there. The code looks very clean and well thought out. It's a bit troubling how much infrastructure is needed for things like validation and persistence, but I guess that's the state of ASP.NET MVC and it's myriad of choices and configurability.

Mike Hadlow said...


Thanks, glad you liked it. I guess one of the key features of the MVC Framework is that it is lightweight and doesn't prescribe a particular persistence or validation model.

Kostas said...

great info Mike!

Although i love your technical posts i would love to see some about your freelancing experiences and advice.

Cheers and keep it up.

Mike Hadlow said...

Thanks Konstantinidis, glad you like the blog. That's a good idea for a post, I'll try and think of something to write about the freelance IT lifestyle here in the UK.