Thursday, May 07, 2009

Has this happened to you?


Me? At least three times :)


Ben Taylor said...

Yes! :)

Steve said...

Does that say StoredProcs?

I thnk I'm missing the point:

Mike Hadlow said...


Yes, you *can* use stored procedures with NHibernate, but it's an edge case. As Ayende says in his post you loose querying and the primary productivity reason for choosing NHibernate in the first place, that it generates SQL for you.

If you are going to embrace NHibernate fully you need to get over the stored procedure fetish.

The point of the silly cartoon was that I have recently seen two examples of corporate development shops spend huge amounts of time and effort writing their own DAL code generators. When you ask them why they didn't just use NHibernate (or one of the 30 other ORM tools listed on Wikipedia) one of the main reasons given is they had to do all data access via stored procedures.

Ian Nelson said...

That's pretty funny Mike, I like the rapidly receding hairline.

Randall Munroe better watch out ;)

wayne-o said...

You can't use ORMs in every situation, I never found ORM easier, better or faster in reporting tools. Unless I'm missing something?

Mike Hadlow said...


Agreed, they don't really make sense for reporting.

Lukas Eder said...

Too bad there is nothing like jOOQ (yet) in the .NET world, bringing actual SQL (including SP support) as a DSL to the Java language: