Thursday, November 04, 2010

Tardis Bank is now live

Tardis bank is a little web application I’ve put together. It provides an on-line pocket money bank account for parents and children. I originally wrote it for my Son and I to use, but anyone can sign up. So if you know anyone with kids between 5 and 15, ask them to give it a go.

Actually it went live on Monday, but I completely forgot to mention it here. You can find it at The code is on GitHub here: It’s a nice little sample of how to use MVC3, Windsor and RavenDb together.


I had a great time presenting it at £5App here in Brighton on Tuesday night. The crowd there had some really good ideas about how I could improve it, as well as pointing out one particular bug :) To date, 42 parents and children have signed up to use it.


JonR said...

i can't wait to acclimatise my kids to the rituals of cybernetically accelerated consumer capitalism, wage slavery and life-long debt with the help of this awesome tool!

feature request: for the next version it would be super cool if, as a parent, i could package up the pocket money i owe my kids into some kind of derivative product which we can then use as the entire basis of our household economy.

(seriously though, the site is a great idea :-) )

Mike Hadlow said...

Thanks Jon, I'll get to work on the Tardis trading account. Would you like to buy some options on your kid's pocket money? ;)

Diego said...

Hello, I was wondering if this solution was implemented using web services.
I want to try some new presentation technologies and this could be a good project to try it but I have to be sure that I can reuse the business layer using web services.


Kiquenet said...

Any updates using Entity Framework 6.0 and MVC 4.0 ? thx.