Monday, April 05, 2010

Microsoft TechDays – Open Source on .NET. April 14th, Shepherd’s Bush.

Register here:

Sebastien Lambla (oh how I want to spell his surname Lambda, that would be so cool) who is the giant brain behind the awesome web framework OpenRasta, has organised an open source evening as part of Microsoft TechDays. There are going to be 6 talks. The current line up looks like this:

  • OpenRasta - A web application framework for .net

  • An introduction to IoC with Castle Windsor <- ME!

  • FluentValidation, doing your validation in code

  • CouchDB, NoSQL: designing document databases

  • Testing your applications with IronRuby

  • Building a data-driven app in 15 minutes with FluentNHibernate

There’s also going to be free food and drink – what is there not to like?

See you there.

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