Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 Advanced Windsor Tricks - Introduction

I love speaking at the developer days held at Microsoft UK's Reading campus. The next one is going to be on the 30th January, so make sure you get in there quick when the registration opens on the 15th. Overreaching myself again, I've put forward three talks:

  • An Introduction to IoC Containers with Castle Windsor
  • Enterprise Integration with MassTransit
  • 10 Advanced Windsor tricks

I've presented the first two before, but the '10 Advanced Windsor tricks' is new. As a way of preparing I thought I would spend the next 10 days blogging about the 10 tricks that I plan to talk about.

update: I’ve just found out that my Introduction to IoC Containers talk has been accepted, but not 10 Advanced Windsor Tricks. Hopefully I’ll get to present it at some other forum in the near future. In any case, I’ll carry on with the blog posts.

Here's my list so far... which has more than 10 items... Hmm, I'll have to decide which ones to drop

- Registering Delegates  & A Delegate Factory Facility
- Auto registration
- How to resolve arrays
- How to register and use decorators
- The Startable Facility
- The EventWiring Facility
- How to write a Facility
- Dependency graph visualisation
- Configuring fluently registered components with XML
- Configuration with type converters
- Type Forwarding
- The NamingPartsSubsystem
- Use SubContainers to replace dependencies on context 
- Using IHandlerSelector for runtime component selection
- The WCF Facility
- How to use Sub Containers
- Lazy Loading
- Typed Factory Facility
- Interceptors

I’m committing the source code examples to my Suteki Code Google code project. You download and/or browse the samples from here:

I’ll wrap the code up in a convenient zip file once I’ve completed the series.


Mike McG said...

Great series!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic series, thanks! I'd implemented my own version of IStartable in my project - had no idea that facility was built in, so will be moving to it soon.