Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Slides and Code for last night’s VBug London NHibernate talk

Thanks to everyone who came to last night’s talk on NHibernate, and especially Sam Morrison of VBug for inviting me along and for Anteo Group for hosting the event.

You can download the code and slides from the talk here:

The NHibernate homepage is here:

Fluent NHibernate is here:

NHibernate Profiler is here:

NHibernate in Action by Pierre Henri Kuaté, Tobin Harris, Christian Bauer, and Gavin King is essential reading and can be purchased from the publisher, Manning’s, website:



Ian Nelson said...
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Ian Nelson said...

Also, the new online home for NHibernate is at - plenty of great resources there.

Matt Warren said...

Thanks for the talk the other night, it was really useful (I was the guy who ask you about the overhead of using nHibernate).

Joe said...

Thanks for the intro to NHibernate/Fluent, and for uploading the support material.

I'm eager to compare performance benchmarks between the latest version of NHibernate and Subsonic 3.0, and of course Entity Framework.

Mike Hadlow said...

Ian, thanks for that.

Matt, Tim, performance concerns do seem to be a concern of many people thinking of using an ORM. I can only talk about my own experiece which is that I've never had a serious problem with NH and performance, nothing that I wasn't able to easily fix, usually by choosing the right loading strategy. As with anything, premature optimisation is usually a mistake, it's far better to do the simplest thing possible and then profile and fix and bottlenecks as they arise. NH has enough extension points that you can pretty much always find a way to fix individual data access issues.