Sunday, April 26, 2009

Suteki Shop is now a sample application on the official MVC Framework site

The MVC Framework guys have been very kind and put Suteki Shop, our open source eCommerce application on the website. Just scroll down to Sample Applications.


Jeremy Skinner has been doing some great work refactoring Suteki Shop to use the MVC 1.0 goodness. He’s also been introducing loads of cool stuff from the MvcContrib project including his awesome grid.

We’re constantly evolving the software; there are loads of things I’d still like to do. Here’s a short list:

  • Change from Linq-to-SQL to NHibernate. Suteki Shop makes extensive use of LINQ, so I’m very excited about the work that Steve Strong has been doing on LINQ-to-NHibernate.
  • Change from MetaWeblog API to Atom pub using WCF Windsor integration. I’m currently looking at this and hope to get it working in the next few weeks.
  • Make the multi-tenancy really slick. This works, but we really need to clean up the way assets (style sheets, images etc) are organised.
  • Provide a pluggable model for payment providers. Currently Suteki Shop only supports it’s own internal payment system.
  • Provide a feed for Google product search.
  • Get it working on Mono.
  • ___ your patch here ____ :-)


preet sangha said...

well done!

Unknown said...

Nice work (i do a svn update daily). One very minor bug..
In WindsorApplication.cs, the method RegisterWithServiceLocator uses the static container instance rather than the passed in windsorContainer parameter.

Mike Hadlow said...

Thanks l0t3k, just fixed in the trunk. Any other comments, fixes, patches would be very welcome.