Friday, November 14, 2008

Digital Media Awards South


Wow, this is very cool. Code Rant has for some unknown reason been nominated for the Digital Media Awards: South. Well, not really unknown, I did submit it of course :P There are three nominated blogs. I've never heard of either of my competitors but they are both pretty awesome.

First is Matt Pearson, a Flash guru. Just check out some of his work. His blog is called zenbullets. You just know it's going to be good with a name like that and it is. A fantastic wide ranging discussion of subjects from The Anthropic Principle to The Mathematics of Clouds. He also has a harrowing account of being falsely accused of a serious crime that would make anyone very very angry with the way Sussex Police operate. Sounds like a great guy. I really hope I get to meet him at the awards ceremony.

Next up is the blog of NixonMcInnes a company that deliver social media solutions. it looks like an incredibly creative and fun place to work. Their blog is great read on the subtleties of social media and running a small Brighton company.

If it were up to me I would vote for Matt's blog. NixonMcInnes is a great example of company blogging, but Matt's blog is interesting beyond his talents as a Flash developer and could have a very wide audience. As for Code Rant, I would be very surprised if it gets many votes. For one thing, most of my posts are mainly long code listings. Unless you are a true .NET junkie (like you, dear reader) it's going to be mostly meaningless. But getting nominated is great. It should mean that a few more companies in Brighton become aware that there's a long haired .NET obsessive that they can hire for very reasonable rates ;)

The awards evening should be fun. I've been given three tickets, so if anyone would like to go along on the 27th November, I've got two to spare. First come first served :) Unfortunately you have to pay for your own food and drink :(

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zenbullets said...

Cheers for the kind words Mike, I look forward to meeting you on the 27th.

With three such diverse blogs up against each other it really is difficult to call. To say any one is better than the other two is like trying to decide if you prefer monkeys or xmas.

But it's really nice to be shortlisted and, as you say, anything that raises the profile and brings in more work has to be a good thing.

I know a couple of the NixonMcInnes crowd, and they're a good bunch, and the blog is certainly one of the better corporate blogs out there. But I'd still prefer if it was an individual 'voice' that won on the night, so my fingers are crossed for either of us. Good luck.