Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Developer Developer Developer Day 7

DDD7 (UK) has recently been announced. It's going to be held at the Microsoft campus in Reading on the 22nd of November. Submissions for talks have now opened. I've put forward two suggestions, both on IoC containers. The first will be an updated version of the IoC introductory talk I gave last year:

Why do I need an Inversion of Control Container

"Inversion of Control (IoC) containers such as Unity Windsor and Structure Map are a hot topic in the Microsoft Development world. What are they and why is there such a buzz about them? How will they help me build better applications? Join me on a trip to an parallel universe of application architecture where I show how IoC containers at last make component oriented software development a reality."

This is an introduction to IoC and IoC containers. It's a description of how the IoC design pattern is a simple way of building component oriented software and how IoC containers add a bit of magic to that party. The other talk I've suggested is a deeper look at the subject by examining its use in a real application:

Using an Inversion of Control Container in a real world application

"Going beyond an initial introduction to IoC containers, this talk shows their use in an open source eCommerce application, Suteki Shop. I will show how the IoC container helps us write component oriented software and can significantly simplify both our architecture and code. This will include a look at some nice techniques such as generic repositories, using IoC containers with the MVC Framework and how they can help us host services."

The idea here is to pass on my experience of building applications based around these techniques. There will be a lot of code and practical advice. I'm still on a steep learning curve myself with all this, so I expect that by November there will be a lot in this talk that I'm not even aware of yet.

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