Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Intellisense isn't always right

I've found myself becoming almost too reliant on intellisense in VS2005. I almost didn't do the obvious thing today, just because intellisense didn't understand it. I wanted to increment the last two digits of a reference string. It's looks something like: "UKDRNY500011106" and I needed to change it to: "UKDRNY500011107" so I wanted to write this
return policyRef.Substring(0, 12) + (int.Parse(policyRef.Substring(12, 2)) + 1).ToString("00");
If you try and type that line of code into VS, when you get to the '.' before ToString, intellisense doesn't suggest 'ToString' or anything. It doesn't recognise that the expression in brackets is an integer value. But if you type it anyway, it compiles and runs just fine. The silly thing is that I almost didn't write it because intellisense didn't suggest it.

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