Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The ALT.NET virtuous network

This is an attempt at visualising the virtuous relationship between various ALT.NET development practices. Any comments?


  1. Anonymous9:50 am

    nice, but what's so great about WCF? my one brush with it so far was a traumatic episode of bloody-minded YAGNI violation...

  2. Jon, very good!

    The main reason for including WCF is because of the nice integration between it and the Windsor IoC. Being able to write IoC components and then just expose them as services with a bit of config is a very nice story.

  3. Anonymous2:08 pm

    sounds really interesting - i use windsor a lot. can you point me to any examples (or elaborate a tiny bit)?

  4. It's another product of Ayende's planet sized brain (but I don't think anyone's ever asked him to look after a carpark):

    I've got a vague plan to do a detailed post on the subject soonish, so watch this space :)

  5. Anonymous2:31 pm

    cool, thanks. ayende gives great open source but i find the signal/noise ratio on his blog a bit rubbish - i sometimes miss the gems!

  6. yo Mike - great post.

    imo this is all stuff that Mainstream.NET people should do anyway ...

    I mean - High cohesion/Low coupling? that's software engineering 101

  7. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Grammar: "Less bugs" should be "Fewer bugs"


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